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Welcome to the home of KWM Enterprises, where free speech is always welcome!

KWM stands for Katie's Winning Merchandise, items that our clientele can sell to help raise money and defray costs to support their own businesses and operations. We provide custom-printed apparel, mugs, hats, water bottles and more that sport your logo, motto or any other message or image you choose.* Our goal is to provide you with all of these items at the lowest possible prices, maximizing your profits.

You provide the art; we'll do all the work.

At KWM, we work in two different ways. First, you can place direct orders for the merchandise you want, so that you have it on hand and can ship straight to your customers. We sell to you at deep discounts, and they get even deeper with larger orders.

Or second, we will drop ship for you to anywhere in the USA. Our pricing to you will include our shipping costs through the USPS, so it's all calculated into the final price you show your customer.

In addition, we'll handle credit card processing for you through PayPal and Liberty Dollar Financial, so that you can actually withdraw your profits as early as the day of sale. We handle everything so that you can focus on what you do best.

Check out our Samples page to see what we offer, and then reach out to us to see about getting started. We are here to help your business or program succeed, and we won't ever desert you for being Politically Incorrect.


January 20, 2021